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A look behind the scenes with Sylvia in project management

SylviaZauner hero

How long have you been with ZAUNERGROUP & how did you join?

I have been with Zauner since November 2008 and I joined through my husband Heli, who has worked for Zauner since the beginning. At that time we were looking for an assistant and I wanted to change my career at that time. It was a good fit.

Looking back, what were the highlights of your time at ZAUNER?

I have found a loyal and, above all, flexible employer in Zauner who always stands by me. That is not something I can take for granted and I appreciate it very much! I look forward to the company ski day every year!

What are your tasks at ZAUNERGROUP?

As assistant PM e.g. the creation of prequalifications, everything in the CRM, creation of offers, creation of documents, invoices, lists, presentations, maintenance of the archive in the prefabrication, travel management, downloads/uploads from/to all online platforms, sending of serial mails,…

As assistant CEO mainly creating outgoing invoices, distributing and processing mails from our “office” address, creating orders, creating/sending correspondence for the GF,….

As a movement officer, I make sure that all willing colleagues do a little gymnastics for a few minutes every day at 11:00 during the “moving break” 😊 and then loosen up for the job again.

What do you like most about your job?

I like working independently and that’s exactly what I like about working at Zauner. In addition, my tasks are extremely varied and my colleagues are all very nice!