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A look behind the scenes with Ewald in project management

EwaldZauner hero

How long have you been with ZAUNERGROUP & how did you join?

I have been with ZAUNERGROUP since Sept. 2007. After my internship in 2006 in the then office in St. Georgen/Gusen I was enthusiastic about the Zaunergroup and therefore it was clear to me that I would like to become part of this team.

Looking back, what were the highlights of your time at ZAUNER?

The absolute highlight of my career at Zaunergroup was/is the ALZ Pfaffenau project from 2010 in the city of Vienna. Being able to take on such a large responsibility as a “young” project manager at that time was very special for me. Another milestone in 2018 was the Blast Furnace A lining project at Voest in Linz.

What are your tasks at ZAUNERGROUP?

As a project manager, you are challenged in all areas of an order. From placing the order to planning, installation and commissioning, you have to ensure that everything runs smoothly between the parties involved. In the process, costs and deadlines must also be responsibly observed. And if things don’t go so well, you’re the first to know.

What do you like most about your job?

No two days are the same. The great variety and the different projects ensure that. The contact with customers, suppliers and internal departments allows me to interact with a wide variety of people. The flexibility, personal scope and high level of personal responsibility are what I enjoy most about my daily work.