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A look behind the scenes with Dominik in project management

DominikZauner hero

Since when have you been with ZAUNERGROUP & how did you join?

I have been working at Zauner Anlagentechnik GmbH since 01.10.2018, whereby I was allowed to spend the first few months at the company “astebo”, which was still in the building at that time. Through my supervisor at the FH, David Kronawettleitner, I became aware of the company at that time.

What are your tasks at ZAUNERGROUP?

I am currently working as a Project & Sales Manager in the Mission Critical division. My main tasks are planning, coordinating and managing projects. However, in times when there are no projects to be handled, I am also responsible for costing as well as for offering new projects.

What do you like most about your job?

I place a lot of value on variety. A varied workday is very important to me and is one of the things I like most about my job. In addition, I very much appreciate the flexibility and high level of personal responsibility as well as communicating with colleagues, project team members, customers or suppliers.

What motivates you in the morning when you come to work?

On the one hand, the great family working atmosphere and, on the other hand, the new exciting tasks but also “hurdles” that await you every day.

Why did you choose ZAUNER as your employer?

International as well as national industrial plant engineering is characterized by individuality. No project, no task is like the other, which makes the daily work routine very exciting. Variety and always new challenges are important to me, which is why I chose the company.

What opportunities does ZAUNER offer you as an employer?

For Zaunergroup, educated employees are of high importance, which is why they offer you any kind of further education. Whether it is a training course, an advanced training, a seminar or an in-service study, Zauner always tries to provide the employee with the training that he/she personally wants and that also fits the company.

In addition, Zaunergroup places extreme importance on the health and personal well-being of each employee. Through a variety of sports activities, the company tries to provide employees with the necessary exercise, even partially during working hours. In addition, the company tries to provide employees with a good “work-life balance” through well thought-out working time models, which will be even more important nowadays and in the future.

Looking back, what were the highlights of your time at ZAUNER?

My graduation from the Upper Austria University of Applied Sciences in December 2020 and my first project in Holland 2020-2021.