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A look behind the scenes with Daniel in project management

DanielZauner hero

When did you join ZAUNERGROUP and how did you get here?

I started working for ZAUNERGROUP in project management at the beginning of 2013, right after I finished my military service.
Through research on the Internet I became aware of the vacancy and after an uncomplicated job interview I was then also part of ZAUNERGROUP.

Looking back, what were the highlights of your time at ZAUNER?

On the one hand, the time spent on construction sites in Germany and Romania, among other places. On the other hand, the rapidly growing areas of responsibility.

The company events such as the summer party and company ski day are also highlights every year.

What are your tasks at ZAUNERGROUP?

My tasks are the technical and commercial supervision of a project. I act as an interface between customers, colleagues and suppliers and am responsible for the project or sub-projects.

What do you like most about your job?

The very diverse range of tasks, where technical knowledge is required on the one hand and commercial knowledge on the other. The alternation between office and construction site is also very entertaining and you always learn something new.

The freedom to organize your working hours is also a big plus, which means you can also organize your free time better.