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A look behind the scenes with Daniel in process engineering

DanielZauner hero

How long have you been with ZAUNERGROUP & how did you join?

I have been with Zaunergroup since 2012. At the time, I was looking for an interesting job after completing my HTL. Through a former HTL professor I found what I was looking for at Zaunergroup.

Looking back, what were the highlights of your time at ZAUNER?

The commissioning of a large pumping station for district heating in Vienna. There, you could test the planning work on the plant, which in some cases took months, and see the plant in operation.

What are your tasks at ZAUNERGROUP?

The preparation of P&I schemes and design of process engineering components (pumps, heat exchangers, valves…). These components are also requested by me and supervised during the procurement phase.
At the end of each project I am usually also involved in the commissioning up to the plant acceptance.

What do you like most about your job?

Above all, the varied work. No two plants are the same and you always have new tasks. In addition, the work is also easy to combine with my part-time studies at the FH Wels.