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Competitive advantage through modularization

Career News
l.t.r: David Kronawettleitner (FH OÖ), Dominik Landerl (Zaunergroup), Andreas Beck (Zaunergroup)

Zauner Anlagentechnik GmbH realizes large projects in the field of energy, life science (pharmaceuticals, biotechnology) and in recent years increasingly in the field of data centers. In order to be able to stand out from the competition, the realization time and the costs of these projects should be reduced while maintaining the same quality. Under the supervision of Dr. David Kronawettleitner, plant engineering student Dominik Landerl worked on a modular construction system in his master’s thesis, with which individual project components can be modularized and standardized.

“Based on a study and two practical examples, I have investigated the modularization of various project components. It brings many advantages: Savings in assembly costs, reduction of man-hours on site as well as a better coordinated assembly process with at least the same quality as well as, as the biggest advantage, the reduction of the total project duration,” reports Landerl. “Furthermore, it should be mentioned that with the help of a modular construction method, many optimizations can be achieved in the area of calculation accuracy, engineering costs, internal complexity as well as processing times and thus work can be done more efficiently and economically more attractive,” Landerl is pleased to say.

“Complete standardization is sometimes difficult due to the wide variety of project constellations – however, promising competitive advantages over market competitors can be exploited through this modular approach. With a project-individualized modular construction method of Mr. Landerl a first beginning for a cost-optimized project completion is put with computing centers , is itself its responsible person Kronawettleitner surely.

“For our customers, what counts above all is “time to market” – in other words, the lead time until a system can go into operation,” adds Andreas Beck from the management of Zauner, “and with our offer of a comprehensive concept of modular construction methods, which is constantly being further developed, as for example with this master’s thesis, we are optimally positioned here.

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